• Rules and Regulations

    1. Internal Examinations: Following the principle of continuous evaluation, the College conducts a number of class tests and internal examinations throughout the year. All students 1st yr, 2nd yr and 3rd yr are required to appear at the Test Examination before they are allowed to appear at the University Examination.

    2. A regular student of this College must have to attend at least 75% of the classes held during  a particular academic session, failing which the candidate shall be treated as non-collegiate (more that 60% but less than 75%), but is eligible to appear at the final examination only after paying a fine to be fixed by the University of Burdwan.

    3. Students whose attendance falls short of a minimum of 60% shall be considered as dis - collegiate and shall not be allowed to appear at the University Examination.

    4. Honours students will forfeit their claim to study Honours Course if they fail to attain 70% attendance in their Honours classes.

    5. All the Honours and General (Pass) students must appear at the Class Tests and Test Examinations for preparing themselves for the University Examination.

    6. Science students must attend both theoretical and practical classes regularly. Students who will not attend theoretical classes regularly shall not be permitted to attend practical classes.

    7. For an Honours student of this College, 60% of the marks obtained in the Class Tests and 40% of the marks obtained in Test Examinations are to be added to decide whether he/she would be allowed to appear at the University Examination.

    8. Before entering into a classroom or an examination hall, students must secure prior permission from the teacher/staff.

    9. Students adopting any kind of unfair means in the examination hall or elsewhere in the College premises shall be liable to be punished as per recommendation of the Disciplinary Committee. Every student must use College property like furniture, laboratory equipments, electrical and toiletry fittings, library books, etc., with due care and caution. Any student found damaging the College property shall be punished as per recommendation of the Disciplinary Committee of this College.

    10. Students must clear up their fees in due time. Otherwise, they shall have to get re-admission.

    11. Students are expected to be co-operative and well-mannered in dealings with their teachers, non-teaching staff and their fellow friends.

    12. Students must keep their bi-cycles and two-wheelers in the cycle stand only.

    13. Ragging in any form by any student/boarder shall severely be dealt with as per law/verdict declared by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.

    14. All the First year students must have to fill up the University prescribed enrolment available from the college office probable during March-April of every session otherwise, they will not able to appear at the University Final Examination.  The college authority will not be responsible for it.        


    Code of Conduct

    1. No flag, placard, banner, poster and wall-writings of any students' organization, any organization of teaching & non-teaching staff or of any out-side organization will be allowed.

    2. For display of banners, placards, etc., students’ organizations will be provided a suitable place selected by the College authority. Each organization will get a canvas space (10' x 10') to fix their banners, placards, etc. No obscene, or insulting and objectionable slogan or figure or drawing can be put up.

    3. No poster fixing, flag hoisting, writing, notification of any outsider apart from  College authority will be allowed on the boundary walls (inside and outside) of the College, gates of the College, trees or any shed of the College, or on any establishment of the College.

    4. No cycle, motor cycle / scooter of students and staff be kept beyond the cycle shed.

    5. Use of cell phone / mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the chamber of the principal, classrooms, examination halls and corridors, verandah & libraries.

    6. No student / students’ organization will enter any class / laboratories /library / hostels of the College by any means without any prior permission of the College authority.

    7. All stakeholders will behave to each other in proper way being a part of this old reputed College.