• Career Counseling/Employment Information Bureau


    The college has a career counselling and employment information bureau to help the students selecting their subject of interest, forming study habit and make them progress in those subjects and activities and attain the ultimate aim of getting good career as per their wish. Career Counselling is a lifelong process since the individual chooses an occupation, prepares for it, and makes progress in it.  This is an initiative taken by the college authority primarily to supply our interested students with the information about current job vacancies and options for future study suitable for them and guiding them to avail those opportunities.


    Name of Joint-Coordinator of the Bureau:           


    1. Dr. Sanjoy Mukherjee, Faculty of History
    2. Dr. Sourav Kundu, Faculty of Physics


    1. Interaction with the interested students on regular interval for knowing their interests and guiding them accordingly.
    2. Providing the students with information of job vacancies in different areas.
    3. Providing them appropriate journals for consultation.
    4. Providing information for future studies.
    5. Inviting different company personals for arranging seminars in our institute for disclosing placement opportunities in their respective companies.


    Future plan:
    1. Consultation with parents, staff and support agencies
    2. Vocational preparation (Interview skills etc)
    3. Arranging seminars especially on personality development, carrier counselling, communication skills etc.
    4. Providing separate internet facility for students for accessing information, online application for job etc.